About Us

Welcome to Resulted.in

Resulted.in was founded by our team in 2015 after realizing there was a gap in the education world between tactics that actually worked and people in the real world trying to learn those tactics.

Resulted.in was built because we wanted an educational tool that would run circles around the competition.

Our reason was simple: if we had a better tool, we could evaluate our studies faster and more accurately. Quite simply, this would give us an edge in this competitive world.

This is sort of like making money in the stock market. If you have more accurate information about what’s really going on, you can buy low and sell high with greater confidence, and ultimately- profit.

It’s the same way in the pre-owned world of competitive exams. Superior information translates into superior success.

In time, word of our little study evaluation tool spread. At first, we wanted to keep it a secret among friends. But then, we started to think about how huge the education world is. Every day, thousands of people apply for thousands of competitive exams.

So, why not spread the knowledge around? As it turns out, most people who try out many other sites don’t “get it.” We know this because we can see in statistics that the great majority of people try other websites for about 10 minutes.

The irony is that all these people were just minutes away from discovering a quick and easy way to actually study faster and more accurately.

But, you know better.
Check out https://www.resulted.in/ before something distracts you.

At this point, we’ve stopped worrying about too many people using Resulted.in, thereby driving up the cost of quality information. It will always be just the elite few who are willing to take the hour or two that it takes to learn to appreciate the power of Resulted.in.

Those few of you who take the hour or two to understand the power of Resulted.in will have a hidden, unfair advantage over the majority of other students.

But that’s the way it should be. A small minority in any field will make most of the success.

OK. This is more than enough for you to think about in one day.

To your success:
Resulted.in Team