AICTE Improves Curriculum For Engineering, Technical Courses

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AICTE Improves Curriculum For Engineering Technical Courses

The students now will have to accumulate 160 credits rather than 220 together with AICTE revising the curriculum of technical and engineering courses in the nation. The rules also indicate that 14 out of 160 credits will be allocated.

Prakash Javadekar, Union Minister for Human Resource Development, released the Model Curriculum for Undergraduate & Postgraduate Degree courses in Engineering & Technology and Management courses (MBA and PGDM) today in a one-day Seminar on ‘Quality Initiatives in Technical Education’ organised by AICTE.

While talking on the occasion, Mr Javadekar said that the higher education in India especially technical education has witnessed an exponential increase in past few years. He added that quality instruction is the only means and we’ve taken various initiatives to give impetus.

The minister also said that existing syllabus has been revived by preparing a model curriculum as an updated curriculum is that the students’ right. He further added that the inclusion of compulsory internship, social and both industry, will help engineering graduates and the requirement of the business and society at large connect.

New AICTE Curriculum:

Prof Anil D. Sahasrabudhe, Chairman, AICTE, clarified a Variety of quality initiatives obtained by AICTE such as the Model Curriculum for UG & PG Courses in Engineering and Management, Induction Programme for Engineering Students, Industry readiness and Desired Internships for Students, start-ups and innovation etc..

He informed AICTE constituted subject-wise heads of their committees out of IITs with a various team of 2-3 academic experts along with industry expertise to develop the model program of undergraduate engineering courses and faculty Induction program.

He said a three-week mandatory induction plan for students was introduced in the first year which will help the students to adjust in the new environment as they include varied thoughts, backgrounds and preparations.

An idea of Virtual Laboratories has been introduced in the model program.

A range of credits from 150 to 160 was kept to be eligible to acquire Under doctorate degree in Engineering. If he/she completes an extra 20 credits A student will be eligible to get Under Graduate degree with Honours or Minor Engineering. These can be gotten via MOOCs. In the same way, a model program for Post Graduate courses in technology will have 68 credits.

Model curriculum of 18 Post Graduate specializations was also launched yesterday.

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