Candidates With Visible Tattoo Cannot Be Guaranteed Job In The Indian Air Force (IAF)

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your tattoo could cost you a job in IAF

Think before you become inked because your tattoo could cost you a job!

The Delhi High Court while upholding the decision of the Air Force cancelling a man’s appointment stated that tattoo-sporting candidates cannot be guaranteed a job in the Indian Air Force (IAF).

Moreover, this condition now has a judicial stamp.

According to reports, the court had cancelled a guy’s appointment for the post of airman as he’d carved a permanent tattoo on the external side of his forearm.

Meanwhile, the Air Force grants comfort and enables certain sort of tattoos, including in case of tribals, which can be according to customs and customs.


  • 1. The offender had challenged the armed forces decision to cancel his appointment to the post, saying he had duly announced he had a body tattoo, in terms of a certificate submitted by him if a call letter was issued for him and It Isn’t as if he has hidden anything from authorities
  • 2. The man had applied for recruitment to the post of Airman with the Air Force on September 29, 2016, and after clearing the written and physical exam in February 2017 he was called to get a medical test that was also removed.
  • 3. In November this past year, he was issued a call letter to record on December 24, 2017. On the very next day of reporting to authorities, he had been handed over a letter cancelling his registration on the floor that the permanent body on his body Wasn’t permissible for selection to the armed forces.


In regards to the fact that tattoos engraved on the body of the petitioner is not in conformity with the comfort granted in the advertisement, we don’t find any infirmity in the impugned order of conclusion of the appointment,” the bench said while ignored the candidate’s petition.

He was also advised that non-permissibility of body tattoos for enrolment from the Indian Air Force was published in the advertisement for the recruitment.


Just a permanent body tattoo on the inner face of arms (interior of the elbow to the wrist), the back (dorsal) part of the hand /reverse side of hands and in the case of tribal with tattoos, which can be as per custom and customs of their tribes, were permitted.

Meanwhile, the right to choose the acceptability or unacceptability of the person lies with the selection committee.

Additionally, a research claims that having a tattoo can reduce your chances of getting a job, but it is dependent upon where the tattoo is, what it depicts and if the job entails dealing with customers.

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