New Cancer Treatment Technology Developed By IIT Roorkee Researchers

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The collaborative effort was obtained by Dr Kaushik Ghosh from Department of Chemistry and Dr Prabhat Mandal from Department of Biotechnology, who unravelled a method called ‘Photo-dynamic Therapy’ which works on the idea of targeted drug delivery to the affected area, with the use of light.

Speaking about the study, Dr Ghosh said, “Our concept was to take a look at a technique through which we can deliver the drug in a non-toxic way, only into the area that’s affected by cancer, and thus reducing the effect of the medication on the rest of the body.”

You have to have read that health is posed to by UV light but can you consider it if someone states that UV light can help fight disease ‘cancer’? Yes, this is true. In a large breakthrough, researchers at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Roorkee, have found a new method of treating cancer. The procedure called Photodynamic Therapy works on the idea of drug delivery to the afflicted area. Research has shown that nitric oxide (NO) has anti-cancer properties and research groups have researched the different types of photoactive ruthenium nitrosyl complexes for treatment. However, most of the ruthenium nitrosyl complexes delivered the Nitric Oxide only in the existence of Ultra Violet (UV) light. The experiment is a collaborative effort by Dr Kaushik Ghosh in the Department of Chemistry and Dr Prabhat Mandal, Department of Biotechnology.

As per the recent release, researchers used the extreme end of the spectrum to cause skin penetration and Nitric Oxide (NO) release. The results showed that the photo-released Nitric Oxide (Nitric Oxide in presence of UV light) was cytotoxic and has been responsible for the passing of the cancerous cells. Talking about the study, Dr Kaushik Ghosh in the Department of Chemistry in IIT Roorkee stated, “In current times, using UV or another assortment of radiation has the same meaning as cancer treatment across the world. On the other hand, the use of radiation is harmful to the cells across the entire body. Drugs that are orally taken to treat cancer have negative consequences on the human body. Our concept was to take a look at a method through which we can provide the drug in a non-toxic manner, only into the area that’s affected by cancer, thereby reducing the impact of the drugs on the remaining body.”

The research, which was printed in the European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry, can usher a new age. “In recent years, target specific delivery of Nitric Oxide (NO) is now an important area in chemical as well as biochemical research. Molecules which could deliver Nitric Oxide (NO) upon illumination with light are important for photodynamic therapy. But, it had not been attempted by anyone below visible light’s spectrum. We utilized the extreme end of the spectrum of visible light to induce the release of nitric oxide (NO) and the results have been favourable. Such intriguing results are of extreme interest in photodynamic treatment and we expect that there’ll be additional investigations regarding the use of this activity in the treatment of different diseases too,” added Ghosh.

Especially, IIT Roorkee was rated 6th in the technology class in the NIRF Rankings 2017, announced by the HRD Ministry.

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